Friday, 6 January 2012

Week 1 Weigh-in!

Weight loss for the week ~ 4lb
New Weight ~ 15st 3lb
Total Lost ~ 4lb

Yay! Four Pounds Off!!!! I was very pleased with this although I know that the first 2 weeks usually give the best results due to fluid loss etc. Mind you who gives a shit, I still register less on the scales!!

I have decided to do a weekly weigh-in although to be honest I am a bit worried that I may not lose weigh on a weekly basis after the two week honeymoon period. I have worked really hard and have done quite a bit of exercise every day.

Love Annie xx


  1. Of course you'll loose weight after the first two weeks!! But don't look too far into the future just concerntrate on one week at a time, in fact just one day at a time. Your doing great and I know you can do this. Just think by the time we both turn 50 at the end of the year we'll look like twiggy!! well maybe that's abit optomistic but you know what I mean.
    Have a great weekend and stay away from the biscuit tin!
    Big Hugs
    Pene x

  2. Well done Annie.

    You will do it! Can I hang along with you for the moral support as I am also aiming to lose weight this year. In this last week, I have lost 3lbs ..... but like you, am wary that this will rapidly tail off and make me lose heart.

    Mind you ...... as I am already past 50, for me the slogan should be 'Fat Free By Fifty-Three'

    :) I'm 53 in June :)

  3. As a postscript Annie, I've just read in one of your previous posts about the weightlossresources site.

    What is possibly better (well ..... if only 'cos it's free!) is

    It is a bit American but it has a very good approach in that it tries to get you to evaluate your eating and exercise behaviour and gets you to make gradual changes that hopefully stick! I have almost got into the right frame of mind with them before but not quite!! ...... and I say this as someone who has a terrible 'relationship' with food! To be honest, if it was alcohol we were talking about, I'd be signing up with AA :)

  4. Congrats honey that's a grand start, keep up the good work!!! I've not started my regime but will be weighing weekly anyway just to keep an eye on it.
    Kandi xx

  5. Hi Annie,
    Just dropping by to encourage you! I also started a weight loss blog during the New Year period - I turn 50 in May. If you want to come visit my weight loss blog please do...we can enjoy a "glass of water"?? together LOL

  6. Thats a great weight loss. Every pound counts. Better to lose 1 pound you never see again than 5 or 6 then you put them back on.

  7. Blimmin' well done Annie!
    I envy you getting out there and being so brave about it!
    Have a great week this week my lovely.. you're getting there..
    And remember that if you don't lose any one week, or even put some on, muscle is heavier than fat, and as you're excercising, you will get more muscle...
    I think I might join you (secretly ;o)
    Have great week my lovely and take care,
    Love Donna xx

  8. You go girl! I lost a chunk of weight last year and put it all back on again plus 6 lb (B*LL*X)! So I'm right there with you, New Year New Diet... again! Good luck and hang in there. E x

  9. With you all the way!
    This is going to be the year that I do it too!
    TAKE IT SLOW AND DON'T GIVE UP even if you have a bad day...
    Will check in regularly and see how you are doing..
    Warm Wishes,
    Callie- fellow chubster!


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