Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Back on the Weight Loss Wagon...

....after spectacularly falling off and then being crushed under the wheels of the darn wagon I am back up and riding shot gun to boot!

I am pretty annoyed with myself to be honest as I feel I have (as usual) wasted time making excuses as to why I have not stuck to my eating plan and have instead reverted to my preferred eating plan of chocolate, diet coke and wotsits. I only have until November to reach my goal and it is ME that has sabotaged it! I could / should today be typing that I am now at least nearly two stone ahead of my starting weight!

By luck and good luck alone I have only put 1.5lbs back on in with debauched  eating, I can claim no credit for it but I am relieved all the same!

Today is a new day and I feel in control! I will check back in in a few days to update on my week!

Love Annie x