Saturday, 21 January 2012

I Think We're Alone Now...

.... I really loved that song by Tiffany! Yes I am a gerry (atric)!
My disguise! You have to suffer to be beautiful apparently!

It feels really odd to have a stand alone blog for my weight loss! I have over 750 followers on my craft blog but the thought of putting 'before' aka 'now' pictures up for my lovely craft friends seemed a tad cruel! Sewing machines and crochet hooks across the nation would be brought to a traumatised standstill! Handmade would be wiped from the dictionary! So here I am, a lonley fat billy no mates! Hero to Zero!
Love Annie x

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Into the 14 's! Week Three!

Another 2 : 5lb off! Very excited to be in the 14st again after mysteriously slipping into the 15's without even noticing! I have had a much harder week than in previous weeks, mainly due to the fact that I have had major sweet cravings! On a couple of days I ate sweets and chocolate all day but still managed to stay withing the calorie allowance - by the skin of my teeth!

I have used my vibration plate (not to be confused with vibration toy ladies ;-D) for ten minutes a day. Not sure how much it helps but it is an experience in its self when all your spare body fat is flung into a shaking frenzy that is a bit pins and needles. Warning! Do not get on the machine with a full bladder as you will be jumping off and dashing to the loo with seconds to spare!

Many of you may know that I have a BSc Degree in Health Science - basically healthy research, health promotion and understanding health behaviors. I specialised in Women and Body Image and my dissertation (research project) was 'A Weight On My Mind - Women and Body Image' - I collected data from over one hundred and twenty women. I am going to fish it out in February and  see if there are any interesting bits to share. The gist of the outcome was that women felt fat regardless of their actual weight!

Love Annie xx