My Eating Plan!

Although I have devised an eating plan to follow, it is not set in stone and I do not want to have a nervous breakdown if I need to deviate - in the past this has been a reason to go madly of the rails! why do I do that???

I want to try to eat more protein. I am not a big meat or fish eater so I need to be quite conscious about this. To be honest, when I am not on a healthy eating plan my everyday diet consists of sweets, chocolates and wotsits! No meals for me, I cook for everyone else but can't face anything myself. When I am on a healthy eating plan I actually enjoy the routine of eating regular meals and snacks.

Here are my 'rules':
♥ Drink 2 litres of water a day. This will be pretty easy as I am a bit of a waterholic!
♥ Eat at least one portion of fruit or veg with every meal - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
♥ Eat at least on portion of protein with Lunch and Dinner.
♥ Only one treat per day! Sometimes I use the whole days calorie allowance on sweets and crisps! This is something that I really want to stop!
♥ Remember to take my vitamins and minerals.

♥ 10 minutes on the Vibro Plate.
♥ 20 minutes Pilates.
♥ 10 minutes Walking

I am probably overestimating my physical prowess here as I do use a wheelchair 40% of the time but that is still 60% of the time that I don't use a wheelchair!

I plan to make a start on this from monday 23rd January.