Friday, 6 January 2012

Week 1 Weigh-in!

Weight loss for the week ~ 4lb
New Weight ~ 15st 3lb
Total Lost ~ 4lb

Yay! Four Pounds Off!!!! I was very pleased with this although I know that the first 2 weeks usually give the best results due to fluid loss etc. Mind you who gives a shit, I still register less on the scales!!

I have decided to do a weekly weigh-in although to be honest I am a bit worried that I may not lose weigh on a weekly basis after the two week honeymoon period. I have worked really hard and have done quite a bit of exercise every day.

Love Annie xx

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Muscle Burns More Calories....

... and as I am limited in what I can do for exercise I decided to buy a Slendertone belt. I reckoned that if I could just use one of these on a daily basis I could eventually boost my weightloss! What a big mistake! Bigger even than my chunky trunk! Charged it up in anticipation and went to strap the device to my girth and bugger me I was too bloody massive for it to fit!

Too fucking fat for Slendertone!  Was I beaten, no! After all I had opened the box and so was stuck with my £160 waist trimming tool. I got on line and ordered the 'extension belt'. yep they do make them although chubsters like me have to search the tinternet high and low to find it! I swear I used up about 200 calories just finding the bloody thing. I am eagerly awaiting its arrival, actually that is a lie, I a worriedly anticipating its arrival. The extension is only 3 inches in length which if it were some kind of penile extension would be very exciting and certainly a substantial addition but three inches around the waist - should i have ordered two ... ..or even three!

Slendertone Flex Max Female Toning Belt

Love Annie xx

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Why Reveal All..

Thank you for your supportive comments, I really appreciate it. My lovely friend Kandipandi cracked me up with an offer to text me on an hourly basis with the message "PUT THE FUCKING FORK DOWN" , she is hilariously funny and a wonderful blog mate!

Anyway I am the first to admit that I would never generally tell my weight or stats to anyone other than my sister but I had two particular reasons for feeling able to dish the dirt!

Firstly I decided to 'Name & Shame' myself - having made a public declaration / commitment means others know my own dislike of my current weight! If I say it out loud then it must be true!

Secondly I have made the decision that the numbers I have given you form part of my past and have no place in my future! They are not / will not be me very shortly! This is were I would normally add 'I hope' but frig that, it is like admitting that you may fail!

I have moved my fat arse out of the comfort zone and locked all the bloody doors! There are no hiding places!

Love Annie xx