Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Muscle Burns More Calories....

... and as I am limited in what I can do for exercise I decided to buy a Slendertone belt. I reckoned that if I could just use one of these on a daily basis I could eventually boost my weightloss! What a big mistake! Bigger even than my chunky trunk! Charged it up in anticipation and went to strap the device to my girth and bugger me I was too bloody massive for it to fit!

Too fucking fat for Slendertone!  Was I beaten, no! After all I had opened the box and so was stuck with my £160 waist trimming tool. I got on line and ordered the 'extension belt'. yep they do make them although chubsters like me have to search the tinternet high and low to find it! I swear I used up about 200 calories just finding the bloody thing. I am eagerly awaiting its arrival, actually that is a lie, I a worriedly anticipating its arrival. The extension is only 3 inches in length which if it were some kind of penile extension would be very exciting and certainly a substantial addition but three inches around the waist - should i have ordered two ... ..or even three!

Slendertone Flex Max Female Toning Belt

Love Annie xx


  1. I have purchased the tape measure after seeing it on your blog! I am trying to slim down (well have been for a long time - managed to loose 2.5 stones but have plateaued and there is stil a lot to loose!) I am hoping seeing my little marker on the tape measure will inspire me to loose more!!
    Thanks for doing this blog gives me the spur on I need!

  2. Oh golly nothings ever easy is it? I take it these things are done up with velcro fasterning the normal high tech way! In which case could you not just make a little extension bit? then you could make it the right size. After all your only going to need the extension for a short while!!

  3. 3 inch extensions! Why oh why don't these companies cater for "real" people? If you fancy doing some "weights" sitting down how about buying a couple of those weight bands that strap to your ankles and wrists and do various lifting while relaxing (its still very effective) or even use a couple of full water bottles for arm extensions etc etc. A good one is get a length of elastic (old pair of tights does the same thing) wrap around a foot (while sitting) and pulling up with arm, like a weight exercise. It stretches the arms, and there are so many possibilities and it doesn't cost anything! xxx

  4. I'm with Rosa Lily why do they not make these things for real people after all WE are the people that are going to use these things to help us get started. 4lbs well done you I hope my first week will be as successful, started yesterday. I got my rather large butt out of the chair yesterday dusted of the wii fit board and did some exercise, oh and ate very little lol. I had no idea that I was eating such over sized portions of everything.
    Oh and i'm in the 15stone gang perhaps we can cheer each other on.
    Have a good week


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