Saturday, 21 January 2012

I Think We're Alone Now...

.... I really loved that song by Tiffany! Yes I am a gerry (atric)!
My disguise! You have to suffer to be beautiful apparently!

It feels really odd to have a stand alone blog for my weight loss! I have over 750 followers on my craft blog but the thought of putting 'before' aka 'now' pictures up for my lovely craft friends seemed a tad cruel! Sewing machines and crochet hooks across the nation would be brought to a traumatised standstill! Handmade would be wiped from the dictionary! So here I am, a lonley fat billy no mates! Hero to Zero!
Love Annie x


  1. You're no longer a billy no mates!

  2. You dont see a shower cap that often :) Whats happened to your followers, I swear you had a load more, im following again, did they all vanish? Is the blog looking different or is it just me??

  3. I moved to a blog totally separate from The Felt Fairy! I was able to move the whole blog but not the followers! :-( Still got 750+ on TheFeltFairyUK blog xx

  4. Not sure why you moved but here I am!! Takes more than a blog move to loose me. Meant to ask whats happening with the slendertone thingy? Have you managed to use it yet?
    And hate to break this to you Annie but you will NEVER BE BILLY NO MATES!!
    Hugs always
    Pene x x

  5. Hi Annie,
    You & me both babe! I too have a craft blog, but decided to have a separate & apparently very solo & lonely blog for my weight loss - I turn 50 in May & just want to fit back into the clothes in my wardrobe, plus just get into a better health pattern. My blog for weight loss (which I think you have visited)is my craft/come home stuff is Congrats on the weight loss to date! Hugs Sharm

  6. I turned 50 last year and neeeedddd to lose weight too, a couple of workmates and I are weighing ourselves once a week at work which seems to have given me a bit of motivation. I lost the 5lbs I put on over Christmas. My target now is 13st, I'm being realistic and not even trying to get back to the 10st I was back in the day! Anyway I think everything looks a bit saggy if you lose too much weight as you get older (or is that just me?!)
    Good luck with your weight loss, I'll be watching with interest.

  7. Keep it up!I am four pounds lighter so far but am going for the life style change this time rather than the quick fix!Have a good week!
    Warm Wishes,

  8. I know what you mean, sometimes you want to keep things seperate. Keep going matey!

  9. OOOoo Annie, Your still here, and still going! You lovely lady!
    Well done!
    And you have plenty of mates my lovely! We're all with ya!

    Love and slimming hugs to you for this week,
    Donna xx


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