Thursday, 12 January 2012

Yay! Another 2lb off! I am delighted as this is the longest I have been on a healthy eating regime for ages!
Love Annie xx


  1. Yay well done you!!
    I'm really struggling to shift the weight I gained at christmas but I'll get there and so will you, Your doing really well Annie keep it up
    Big Hugs
    Pene x

  2. Bloody hell that's nearly half a stone! Well done chick I'm chuffed for you.
    Kandi xx

  3. Well Done Annie! That's brilliant! As Kandi says that's just 1lb off half a stone....

    Happy weekend lovely lady,
    Take care.xx

  4. Crikey Annie! Well done :)

    I have only lost 1 pound this week, giving a total of 4lbs.

  5. Yahoo!! I must take a leaf out of your book (she says when gobbing down 3 cupcakes with her cup of tea). I am truly happy for you :)

  6. You are doing fantastically - well done you!! And you are inspiring me to get started and join in just as soon as I kick this lousy chest infection/virus thing and I can get out and about to buy fresh food, oh, and maybe actually move further than from bed to kettle for cup of tea!


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